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Holder Benefits

Networking Paradise

The Yeti Secret Society allows you to brush shoulders with elite movers and shakers at exclusive events, yacht parties, even concerts on private islands.

Exclusive Yeti Lounge

The crown jewel of the Yeti Secret Society is a physical space called “The Club”, available to all holders throughout the year. A hotspot for elite networking. Only holders are given its location.

Events, Events, Events..

The Yeti Secret Society has massive events, parties, even cruises on a mega yachts planned. The first event kicks off at the end of the year in Las Vegas, followed by a massive party on a private island in Italy next year, and then an all inclusive cruise on the world's largest sailing vessel to Monaco.

MMO Game and Metaverse

Along with parties and events yearly, the Yeti Secret Society is bringing its membership to the virtual world. Having partnered with Sapphire Studios to create a Massive Multiplayer Online mobile game and metaverse.

About the Yeti Secret Society

Introducing the Yeti Secret Society NFT, your golden ticket to one of the most exclusive clubs on Earth. Mega yachts, private islands, and historic parties are just the start. The Yeti Secret Society is the only NFT that gives you access to an actual Yacht Club.


NFT Blue-Chip Comparison Chart

How does Yeti Secret Society compare to the other blue-chip NFT projects in the space? We lead, that's how! No other project is providing the benefits our collectors receive for joining YSS.


We greatly respect all NFT projects that honor their community.


As the Yeti Secret Society develops, we will be continuously updating our roadmap to suit the needs and wants of our community. As many know, the NFT space is ever changing and adapting is a must in this realm of work in order to thrive and prosper. The roadmap is no different when it comes to the ever changing world of Crypto. Our goal is to depict the overall idea of our current plans and what we’ve considered to be a feasible outlook of the future. One thing that is immune to the constant change of crypto is our work ethic and our constant efforts to provide a transparent and premium community.




Marketing/Executive Team


Marketing/Executive Team


Mellow Labs Developer/Executive Team




Mellow Labs Developer


Community Manager




What is Yeti Secret Society?

The project is a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs stored in the Ethereum chain.

What is the Total Supply?

Total Supply is 10,000 Yetis.

Mint Price

Whitelist price: TBA. Public sale: TBA.

Where Can we mint?

Minting will be on a dedicated portal on our website.

Wen Mint?

-White List mint: TBA. -Public mint: TBA.

How many NFT's can be minted

-White List: max 10 per wallet. -Public sale: Max 25 per transaction.

How Can I get a White List?

By joining our Discord, being active, and attending our twitter spaces. We continuously monitor the activity of our members on discord , and reward our active members. Additionally, you can get on our premint list by registering here

How Can I buy a Yeti?

You can purchase a Yeti either during our minting period, or by purchasing a Yeti on the secondary market.

Are you affiliated with any other NFT project?

Yeti Secret Society is a unique forward-thinking project, and currently has no affiliation with any other NFT project.

Which marketplaces will Yeti Secret Society be listed on?

-OpenSea. -LooksRare. -MemeNFT.

Wen Reveal?